Kankatala, at the threshold of turning 75 years, celebrates through a royal campaign inspired by the Queens of Andhra. These women are a personage of great reputation in the land of Telugu-speaking people and have been a source of inspiration for generations. We researched into their historic life events, social and cultural evidence to aid the visualization process for each queen. This campaign greatly helped Kankatala in positioning themselves as a heritage and premier saree brand of the region.

Client: Kankatala
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Services: Branding, Advertising Campaign, Photoshoot


Chalukya Dynasty – 11th century


Chalukya dynasty’s pride the lady who not only fought with great valour and bagged the title of Bhairavi but also expanded provinces. She built many Hindu and Jain temples and encouraged education by providing grants. Seen in the image is the architype of the temple being proposed to the queen in her court. 


Kakatiya Dynasty – 12th Century


Rani Rudrama has been set against a backdrop of the Kakatiya dynasty’s map with pins pointing at Orugallu (Current day Warangal) and strategic plan drafts since she is an able administrator, warrior, diplomat and earned the right to be a queen by proving her mettle despite belonging to the royal lineage.


Palanadu, Guntur – 12th Century


A powerful woman from the medieval times, an astute military strategist and legendary administrator. The background is set in a barn to showcase her love for horses. Known for her street style approach in dealing with things yet had that grandeur in her style.


Gadwal Samsthanam – 21st Century


Adi Laxmi Devamma was one of the most popular queens of deccan plateau doing the Pre-Independence era. She has been photographed against a backdrop of books showing her passion for education and development of her subjects.


Qutubshah Dynasty – 16th Century


Quli Qutub Shah, the king who found the city of Hyderabad, was so fond of his beloved Queen that he named the city after her as Bhagyanagaram. And upon religious conversion of the Queen’s name to Hydermahal, the city was named Hyderabad.


Chemudu Dynasty – 21th Century


The Florence Nightingale of Vizag has donated most of her property to establishing hospitals. She was also quite spiritual and donated her Ambica bagh palace to be converted into a temple. She stands in her palace and we depict her as an old woman since she rose to fame for her noble intentions much later in life.